Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Post

I am starting a blog for a couple of reasons actually but one main reason. I've been inspired and learned many things from browsing through blogs. Some of the main ones are My Pink Stamper, Creations with Christina, Everyday Cricut, Creative Critters, My Creative Time, and so many more. I hope to one day be an inspiration to some one else.

I'm also starting a blog just to keep track of some of my projects. The majority of my projects are gifts so once i give them away i kind of forget about them. If something is out of sight, it's also out of mind. :) I frequently look through scrapbooks i have here or photos of projects i have to get some ideas when I'm stuck. I also go through drawers in my scrap room to find old tools, embellishments, and ideas.

I started off just doing little scrapbooks here and there... Then i bought a Cricut. Best thing i ever did. When i look at my old scrapbooks compared to my more recent ones, it's amazing to see how much I've learned and grown. I've recently started getting more into cards, vinyl, and other misc crafts. Hoping to eventually pick up a sewing machine and learn some quilting and misc sewing projects I've seen. I'm also hoping once i have the money to get more into photography. Always been fascinated with artistic photos.

Well, i hope to get some posts of projects up later today. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my blog and leave comments! I love to hear what people think because I'm kind of partial and love all my projects! :)

Thanks again!

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  1. Great job ! I recently started a blog too. Pretty much for all the reasons you mentioned. But one surprising perk has been meeting new people all just like me who love crafts. It's been very nice :) I look forward to see more of your work, I became a follower. I'd love for you to visit my blog and maybe we can become blog friends :)