Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma's Birthday Giveaways!

Can't wait! Sounds like such an exciting week! :)

Hoping to get creative today and post some projects... I have been so busy packing and taking care of a bunch of guys around my house. My husband, Best Friend's Husband, and Father in Law were here all day yesterday tearing off and prepping for a new roof on our house... I made lots of water deliveries as well as snacks, lunch, and dinner. Today they should all be back as well as my brother in law. I better get to the grocery store! :)

The house looks so good after all the work my Husband and Father in Law have done the past few months, it's sad to move. But we're off to a new home soon! You never know, we could end up back at this house in a couple years and possibly own it instead of renting. My in laws aren't selling it. :)

Talk soon!

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