Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello! :)

Sorry I haven't been around in a while... We recently moved and didn't have Internet for a while... Then got it for a day and suddenly something went wrong and we had to get a new modem and a week later, we finally have Internet! :)

Not to mention, I had to unpack the house before my scrapbook room (Per my husband)... He knew if i unpacked that room first, nothing would get unpacked!! he he... He knows me too well.

I did get some scrap booking time in this week on our Wedding Album. I'm almost done which is exciting! We've only been married 9 months!! I've heard of people married over 9 years and they haven't finished their wedding albums. :)

I'll leave you with the lay out I just finished before posting this... Enjoy!

(Sorry it's so dark! :( Can't find my camera, taken on my phone with no flash.)

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