Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy but Vacation is in my near future!

I have had no time to be too crafty lately. We bought a '74 Shasta camper which is very cute BUT it needed alot more work then we expected so we are down to the wire working on it. Going camping 1 week from today. And to make matters worse my husband started a job in New Jersey for a couple months so he is gone Mon-Fri which leaves myself to do as much work as i can all week. He only has Saturday and Sunday to install the floor and a bunch of other stuff. So i run around all day to help him get it finished... Once it's done, I'll be happy. Today I'll actually be making Roman Shades for the camper. That's exciting because it's semi-crafty! :) I'll post pictures of the Roman Shades when i finish them... and I'll also post pictures of the camper once it's completely done. Can't wait for vacation. I need it!

At night i try to at least get 1 or 2 layouts done on my wedding album but sometimes I'm so tired, I can't think! :) Here is a layout I did the other day. Almost done with the album!

Again, Sorry for the bad quality... Camera phone again... I found my camera and it's charging but we went to the beach on Monday with my 2 sister in laws, 2 nephews, and new baby neice and I lent my memory card to my sister in law. Now, i have to find my other memory card, i believe it's my electronic photo frame. :o) Ahhh, the joys of moving! You lose everything.

I'll try to post photos of the roman shades later... And hopefully get a post or two in prior to vacation but if not, See you after July 10th... Going camping for July 1st to 5th then off to my in-laws Maine house on the lake the 5th to the 10th! Can't wait! 10 days of fun in the sun!! :o)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th weekend!

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