Monday, August 23, 2010


About a month ago i did Vinyl on my Niece's Wall... My Sister in Law made the files on a program she had from doing Graphic Design and she made them into .svg files that we cut out with my Sure Cuts Alot Program and Cricut!

We did it over 2 nap times at her house. Actually didn't take that long, just took a bit to figure out a few things and get in the rhythm... not to mention we had one of my nephews bouncing around "working" on one of the computers we had set up and two dogs running around which at one point stepped on the keyboard and locked her mac up. So part of being 2 days instead of one was we needed another file and her computer was stuck. :) Once Joey Monster woke up from his nap, work ended quickly. haha. She fixed her computer later that night and it was finished the next afternoon... Trick now is, keep the 2 boys from peeling them off the wall.

Hope you enjoy. We got the vinyl from but i wouldn't recommend it. It wasn't that sticky and trying to use transfer tape for the little trails for the butterflies was horrible trouble. Most was stuck by hand. And some of the vinyl sticks out. You can kind of see it on the butterflies wings a bit but it actually worked out, gives it a 3d look. :)

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