Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My poor poor blog!

It's been forever... Too long I might say. I have been doing some craft projects but they are quick and on the go cards for weddings, showers, and birthdays. Some i make so quick and send out, I forget to take a picture. But below is a wedding card I did remember to take a photo of...

I wanted to post a link to the blog where I got the svg file of the bride and groom since they were nice enough to share the file but I can't find it and Wyatt is up from his nap. I think his teeth are bothering him. He already has one poking through and he didn't seem bothered but today he is cranky which isn't him. Of course because it's my Birthday today too!! :)

Enjoy. Hope to play soon. I ordered a Your Story a couple months ago but haven't had time to play with it. :(

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