Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm Alive!

Life has been pretty crazy since my last post which was WELL OVER a year ago! :( Right after my last post we started house hunting again and about a week or two in, we found our home! We saw it on and instantly were in love and wanted it. We figured we would do the smart thing and check it out first but immediately upon looking at it, we were in love! It was exactly what we were looking for except for a few minor things that could easily be changed down the road... But falling in love was easy... Getting it, was not. It was a short sale...

Put offer in around February, finally accepted in March... We were so excited and had no idea what was about to happen so we started packing, my scrapbook room was first! :( But time went on, closing dates were moved, seller wouldn't move out, one thing after another... But FINALLY we closed in May... and that almost didn't happen... Then the real fun started... Work! It was a fixer upper and lots had to be done before we even thought about moving in... Basement was full of junk, Three 30 yard dumpsters full later, it was emptied and cleaned out, fish tanks everywhere, more furniture up stairs, we refinished all hardwood floors, redid all ceiling since it was the sparkly swirled textured kind (now they are nice and smooth), Painting every ounce of ceiling, floor, and molding, Painting outside of the house... and everything else we did... Finally moved in around July... But we still have so much work to do even after we moved in. So needless to say, my scrapbook room did not get unpacked for a long time... I knew if I did unpack it I wouldn't get as much work on house done... :)

I will post some before and after pictures of the house at some point, tons of pictures I need to weed through. But it was unpacked and set up in our spare room... I built a desk using cube shelves and a pocket door my husband stained... SUPER easy and I LOVE IT!


 I also made a HUGE change with my crafting... I sold my beloved Cricut! :( I sold everything I had for my Cricut in one big bundle to my neighbor. Glad it's going to a good new home... To replace the Cricut, I got a Silhouette Cameo which I haven't gotten to play with too much yet but so far, I'm in love! :o)

Well time to feed my son lunch. He is already TWO! Time flies. I'll leave you with some cards and lay outs I've done the past couple months... I hope to post more soon!

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