Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Wyatt's Nursery

Our theme for Wyatt's room started off as a moose theme... Then we stretched it to a nature theme. We still have lots of moose stuffed animals though! :)

I was going to take my Cricut and have my sister in law make birch trees and piece them together on the wall with Vinyl but my husband wanted to use wood. I'm glad he decided to because i think it looks great and believe it or not, was cheaper. We got 2 sheet of wood for $7 each i think it was. This spring we were planning on painting them white and making them birch trees but we kind of like the way it came out.

I drew the trees on the wood and my husband cut them out and stuck them on the wall!

I also made the bed skirt and made a matching curtain for the closet. I don't have a picture of the closet because my husband hasn't gotten it hung up yet. The door is oddly shaped and involves a custom door which my husband doesn't have time to do so a temporary (probably permanent fix) was fabric! :) Love the little squirrel. I used Sure Cuts Alot and cut the fabric with my cricut. I used Wonder Under i think it's called but of course, it didn't stick to the fabric so i had to stitch it. I'm actually glad it didn't because the stitching looks great.

My friend Catherine made this awesome chair for him. I love it. And the font and moose match the glass block i did for him! :)

I just realized i don't have a picture of the other thing my friend Shannon made. I will have to get a picture and post soon. :) It's an adorable wood piece with his name, moose, and nature stuff on it. I love receiving crafty items because usually it's me making them and giving them. It's nice to receive a hand made gift once in a while. :)

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