Friday, February 25, 2011

Dad's Birthday Card

So it was my Dad's Birthday on Sunday and since I've been all over the place or had no energy I didn't get to make a card. I did how ever see him on his birthday but feel bad because I didn't have his gift. My dad is very hard to shop for as he buys what he wants... He'll tell you something he wants, you go to buy it and come to find out, he already bought it! Plus, this year, every time I asked for ideas, he told me he wanted his grandson born on his birthday. He even called me every day for a week to check if it was time and if i had gone for a run or exercised to make him come out! :) It was cute but sadly Baby Wyatt did not make his appearance...

I made this card with my new cartridges. I had $100 to Amazon that I was saving to get stuff for the baby but since we got everything we needed from the shower and any little stuff i already purchased and was easier in store then amazon... sooo cricut shopping it was! I was going to get a gypsy but i may not need it with the Cricut Craft Room coming out in April, so i put that on hold! :) I ended up ordering Nate's ABC, Mini Monsters, Robotz, and Simply Charmed. I think my favorite is going to be Simply Charmed! Adorable cuts in there!! The other ones are going to come in handy when Baby Wyatt is here and I start his scrapbooks.

Mini Monsters Cartridge
All Scrap Paper (Been using alot of it lately but still have TONS!)
Straight n' Narrow Ribbon
Pop Dots
Googly Eyes

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