Friday, May 7, 2010

Glass Block Wedding Gift

I will be going to a wedding tomorrow for my husband's cousin Jaymie and her fiance Tim. I wanted to make them something special and have always wanted to try a glass block... I had so much fun making this and now I want to make one for my self! :)

I found a swirl heart design by doing a google search. I came across Wanda's Blog. She was nice enough to include a free download. I cut it out with vinyl using Sure Cuts Alot and my cricut. I used contact paper and transfered the vinyl to the glass block. I scratched at the vinyl to make sure it was fully stuck to the glass because i didn't want the Armour Etch to sneak underneath.

Once the vinyl was down all the way, i took armour etch and a brush and put a thick layer all over the front. The bottle says let it sit for 5 mins but i always let it sit longer. I believe it was almost an hour until i washed it off. On glasses i tried to etch when i first got Armour Etch I found that after 5 mins it's not that etched. If you let it sit longer, it gets a darker etch.

I washed off the Armour Etch and was ecstatic at how it came out. I got on Sure Cuts Alot and put their last name big and "Est 2010" on the bottom... i felt it needed a bit more so i added their first names on top, I think it added just the right touch. I then cut it out on Black Vinyl and transfered it with the contact paper onto the etched side of the glass... Some ribbon and lights and it looked great!

I couldn't be happier with my first glass block project! Hope you like it and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


  1. very pretty. I made some of these at Christmas but haven't used the vinyl yet. I just may do it soon! Thanks!

  2. great idea! thanks for coming over to my blog otherwise I wouldn't have found you!
    liz :o)