Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Double Trouble!

So I've been back from vacation for a while but life has been so hectic and crazy for me that i haven't had much time to be crafty! :( Alot of changes happening in my life, most for the good though!

My friend is having twins too, which is super exciting for them! A boy and a girl. Her shower is Saturday and I'm super excited. I haven't seen her in a long time so it'll be great to see her and some old friends as well. I love shopping for babies! I had so much fun picking out their gifts. I got a pink and blue beach buckets and filled them up with pink and blue items. I got any thing from the swaddles she registered for to toys she didn't! :) I got a bunch of misc things off her registry that i know most people don't go around and pick out. Most people just grab an item in their price range.

I think i had a different vision for the card but i still think it came out adorable. Love the Create a Critter Cartridge. :)

Create a Critter
Misc scrap paper
American Traditional Designs Textured Card Stock
Pop Dots
Le Plume II Markers
Googly Eyes

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