Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Scrapbook Day with My Pink Stamper

Today My Pink Stamper is having National Scrapbook Day Challenges.

As you can imagine, with a newborn, I haven't seen much of my scrapbook space but i had to make a card for my mom tomorrow so I'm taking advantage of nap time. Instead of cleaning, doing laundry, etc I'm taking the weekend off for Mother's Day. I made a quick card which I love. It was super easy and quick! Robyn said to challenge your self and finish in less then an hour... Try 20 mins!

Also got my paper racks!! :) Super excited. Still have some paper organizing to do but i LOVE it. Will make my life much easier when finding paper for projects.

Well, like clock work, he is up and ready to eat! If he goes back to sleep after this, maybe I can get back to my scrapbook desk! :)

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